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Lagen des Weingutes

The Vineyards


Loibner Loibenberg

One of the great, shared vineyard sites in the eastern side of the Wachau. This vineyard is identified by its steep terraces and the rocky crystalline ‘Gföhler Gneiss’ typical soil structure.

Steiner Pfaffenberg
This vineyard lies immediately to the east of Loibenberg. It is less fertile than the neighbouring Loibenberg, but is geologically quite similar.

Steiner Kögl
Slate defines these steep terraces, that requires hand labour and picking, is located behind Stein in Krems.

Again, slate and weathered schist soil structure, yet with a higher proportion of lime. We have a Riesling vineyard here, and we also planted Pinot Noir vines too.

This is our third vineyard with a predominant proportion of slate. This is where Riesling reigns.

Predominantly deep layers of loess. These are our oldest vineyards, and are up to 70 years old.

Kerschbaum is adjacent to Holzgasse, and also has a similar loess soil structure.

Pure sandy soil on gneiss; with grapevines, some ungrafted vines, that are around 60 years old.

Kremser Gebling
This is our most easterly vineyard site; here we find loess over gravel conglomerates.

Nomen est Omen (the name is a sign)!